Liszt & The Black Hills (CD, 2012)

Contrast the passion, the uncompromising and visionary power of Franz Liszt’s piano repertoire with the Black Hills, the ancient, austere mountains of South Dakota: these extremes inspire the music of expressive pianist Bernhard Ruchti on the album “Liszt & The Black Hills”. Bernhard Ruchti’s compositions reflect the Swiss artist’s experiences during a one-year sabbatical in the U.S. from 2010 to 2012. The search for the familiar and the impulse for something new, within which the continuing search for his own musical language manifests. Experience this milestone on the exciting journey of the pianist, organist, and composer Bernhard Ruchti.

  • Franz Liszt: Vallée d’Obermann
  • Bernhard Ruchti: Five Songs of The Wind
  • Bernhard Ruchti: Zwei Zeitstücke
  • Franz Liszt: Recueillement
  • Bernhard Ruchti: Sternenlied

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