Liszt A Tempo III: Piano Sonata in B minor

It is perhaps the most transcendent and visionary work I know: Franz Liszt's magnificent (and only) Piano Ponata in B minor. Volume 9 of the A Tempo Project is dedicated to it. The more I discovered the countless details of the compositions and developed my own rendition, the more I was stunned by the profundity and freedom of Liszt's masterpiece.

At first, Liszt's Sonata doesn't appear to be easy to perceive. As a result, it is not that often performed in public. But once we start listening to the incredible richness of sound and the sheer beauty of its harmonies, there is literally no end to the discoveries.

In my introduction videos, I talk about the subject of transcendence and its mysterious connection to tempo. It is therefore no coincidence that the final recording of this cycle of the A Tempo Project ends with Liszt's Sonata.

The recording venue is the newly renovated hall of the Stadtcasino Basel, which has wonderful acoustics. The instrument I used is a Bösendorfer VC280, which adds so much warmth and color to Liszt's music.

I am proud of this recording and happy to be able to share it!