Echoes from Chrysospilia (CD, 2017)

„Echoes from Chrysospilia“ for piano, named after an ancient initiation cave in the Greek Cyclades, forms the album’s titular centerpiece. Working with gradations of consonance and dissonance, the highly expressive fantasy is framed by other piano works as well as Ruchti’s 2014 organ triptych, a three-part piece integrating minimalist elements. Franz Liszt’s monumental Introïtus for organ – one of his last compositions ever – marks the beginning and end of the album.

  • Franz Liszt: Introïtus (I. Interpretation)
  • Bernhard Ruchti: Orgel-Triptychon
  • Bernhard Ruchti: Ouessant 
  • Bernhard Ruchti: Morgenstern / Anpowicahpi / Morning Star
  • Bernhard Ruchti: Echos von Chrysospilia / Echoes from Chrysospilia / Αντίλαλοι της Χρυσοσπηλιάς
  • Franz Liszt: Introïtus (II. Interpretation)

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